About Us

Startarch is dialogue between generations of professionals in comparison, it is a synthesis between creative exuberance and professional experience, it gives form and feasibility to innovative ideas, it is a gym for young architects and a guarantee of a lively result and quality.

Startarch was born in the spring of 2017, immediately setting itself an ambitious goal: to become the reference studio for those who want to conceive and design culture.

We believe that an exhibition or a museum, art and design, a training event as well as a cultural fair, have the power to improve the life of the community generating an intimate moment of reflection and encouraging new interpersonal relationships. And we work with this goal.

We love Exhibit Design, because it is an apparently invisible design: the more the exhibition model is made with care, the more its content stands out. All this stimulates us to continuously refine our previous architectural studies and our diversified design experiences with new technical and creative opportunities, so we can propose innovative installations that respond to transversal projects.


Supervisor & Executive Architect

Architect with important experiences in the design of art fairs, exhibitions and cultural events such as Artissima, Roma Contemporary, Mint, The Others and Flashback.


Site Manager

Architect, since 2013 he has gained significant experience in consulting, design and site supervision of art exhibitions and gallery booths in art fairs.


Project Manager

Specialized in Sustainable Architecture and Urban Regeneration. For four years he has been involved in the design of cultural fairs primarily as an Exhibition Designer and Copy Editor.


Exhibition Manager

Architect with many years of experience in the design and construction supervision of art fairs such as Artissima and Flashback. Native English speaker with an international background. Master in Economics and Management in art and cultural heritage 24Ore Business School.