Flashback 2017

DateNovember 2017
LocationTurin, Italy
ClientSituazione Costruita
CategoryArt Fair

Our Work

The demand for innovation and attention to detail by the client, means that for the entire design of the fair, our approach is a continuous research on details, from the functional layout of the galleries’ booths to the most creative study of the common areas.

Starting from the design of the entrance, which characterizes the visitor’s first impact of the fair, the studies made on the routes are fundamental, examining the movements of the public in previous years to create a certain homogeneity in the movements. With the creation of optical cones and points of view, moreover, we allow a wide overall view from different areas, highlighting the color, which each year characterizes the fair, and, at the same time, making it neutral in front of the works of art.

Thanks to the attention on these steps, last year Flashback was elected by Artribune Best Italian Fair with the following motivation:

“In Italy to stand out there was Flashback in Turin, with the new location always at Palaisozaki, with a monumental entrance, a more airy location with large and well organized booths.”

– Artribune

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